Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Aerolux lighting? Below we have listed the most frequently asked questions. If this still doesn’t answer your question, don’t hesitate to contact us! Contact.

What is LED lighting?

LED means Light Emitted Diode. This type of lighting provides more economical lighting compared to the previous types of lamps. Partly because of this, LED lighting is much more power efficient and is therefore more sustainable. Request a no-obligation quote for LED lighting here.

What is the difference between LED and conventional lighting?

There are several differences between LED and conventional lighting. The biggest differences are that LED lighting does not emit heat while conventional lighting does. In addition, it is also true that LED lighting uses less energy and is more maintenance-friendly. Want to know more?

What is the advantage of LED lighting?

LED lighting is considered the newer and inventive form of lighting. This is partly because LED lighting lasts longer than conventional lighting. Also, LED lighting can be turned on immediately, and it provides evenness on the field. Also, it is so that LED lighting can be adjusted falls the desired position, at any time. Want to know more about LED lighting? Ask one of our salespeople.

Can I get a subsidy when purchasing lighting?

In many cases, it is possible to obtain a subsidy when purchasing new lighting. However, this can vary from situation to situation. For all information, check out the website Stimulating Construction and Maintenance of Sports Facilities (BOSA) | Grants | Office of Grants to Institutions (dus-i.com).

How much can I save by purchasing LED lighting?

LED lighting makes it possible to save on costs. Also, though, the savings do vary from one situation to another. Partly for this reason, our salespeople can always provide a savings calculation regarding your situation. Contact one of our advisors here.

How does operating the lighting work?

Controlling lighting can be done in several ways. It is possible to control lighting from a standard designated point with circuits. In addition, it has recently become possible to control the lighting using the LumosaTouch app. This app makes lighting control simpler than ever. Want to know more about LumosaTouch?

Why should I purchase the LumosaTouch control?

Through the LumosaTouch, it is possible for multiple people to control the lighting. In addition, it is also possible to turn on a select number of the lights via the app. It is also possible through the LumosaTouch app to gain at-a-glance insight into energy consumption.

Where can I report a malfunction?

Failure reporting can be done easily the failure report on our website. Click here to report an outage.