Aerolux illuminates your premises

Site lighting is an important component for business parks, both for safety and appearance. Aerolux B.V. has years of experience in installing and maintaining site lighting for all types and sizes of business parks.

Aerolux has specialized in installing and maintaining lighting at business parks for many years. Partly because of our experience, we can always provide expert and concrete advice regarding lighting. Curious about our previous projects in terms of lighting business parks? See our completed projects here.

Illuminating with Aerolux

  • Even distribution of light
  • Good color rendering
  • Optimal lighting of the site and facade
  • Minimal light pollution in the environment

The skill of Aerolux

Aerolux B.V. is known for its high quality service and maintenance of sports field lighting, grounds lighting and other electrical installations. We believe that our customers deserve the best, which is why we strive to provide our customers with the best service and maintenance.

Our technicians are expertly trained and have the right equipment and experience to solve problems quickly and efficiently. We offer regular maintenance so we can identify and fix problems before they get bigger. This way we ensure that our installations are always in top condition and our customers do not suffer from unexpected problems.

LED lighting for your business premises

Various types of site lighting are available, such as LED lighting. LED lighting is popular because it is energy efficient and has a long lifespan. It also provides bright, clear lighting that ensures a safe environment and a professional appearance for the business.

It is important to consider that site lighting meets the requirements of legislation and local safety regulations. This means that a business park’s lighting must meet specific requirements for brightness, contrast and uniformity.

Aerolux has developed a special placement machine that allows expert placement of masts on any terrain. The device is designed such that masts can be placed even in hard-to-reach areas.

Curious about the possibilities?

Smart control with LumosaTouch

With LumosaTouch, you can easily control the lighting on your business premises through a user-friendly app. You can turn lights on and off, dim them or even set a schedule change. This makes the system flexible and efficient.

View Lumosa Touch