Aerolux illuminates your athletic track

Sports field lighting on your athletic track must meet the standards set for lighting by the NOC/NSF. This is defined in NEN 12193. Aerolux lights your athletic track according to current standards and requirements.

Here, the average lux value to be achieved is important but just as important is the evenness on your athletic track, so you don’t get dark spots on your athletic track. With current energy prices, the power consumption of fixtures is also an important factor.

Why Aerolux?

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In consultation with you, the customer, we determine what is the most appropriate lighting solution for you. In doing so, we take into account the desired light level, your preferred operation and advise you on subsidy schemes.
After the consultation you will receive a customized quote from us with a detailed lighting plan and extensive documentation.
With Aerolux as your lighting partner, you are assured of years of carefree and lasting fun

Requesting a quote

Specific lighting plans for each field

A custom lighting plan for each athletic track is important because each track has unique requirements for lighting. A custom lighting plan can be designed to provide the right amount of light in specific areas of the track, such as running and jumping lanes, to ensure the best performance by athletes. The illuminance and type of lighting should be matched to the requirements of the athletic track and the desired performance of the athletes.

Aerolux B.V. has its own assembly team. This has several advantages, including:

  1. Flexibility: With an in-house installation team, lighting installation can be scheduled at any time without relying on outside parties. This can help avoid delays and reduce time pressure.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: An in-house assembly team can help reduce installation costs because there are no outside parties involved. In addition, an in-house installation team can also help with lighting maintenance and repair, which can reduce maintenance and replacement costs.
  3. Quality control: An in-house installation team can help ensure the quality of lighting installation, as the team is specifically trained for the task and can work according to specific guidelines.
  4. Expertise: An in-house installation team has the expertise and experience to perform specific lighting installations in a professional manner.
  5. Customer Service: An in-house assembly team can help provide fast and efficient service for customers, as the team is able to respond quickly to any problems or questions.
Curious about options for your athletic track?