Lighting Advice

Step 1:

Identify current fixtures and light poles.

To make a good lighting recommendation, it is important to know what fixtures and light poles are currently present on the sports field or grounds. We do this through an inventory of the existing lighting situation. Using this information, we can identify opportunities and areas for improvement.

Step 2:

Analysis of the current situation relative to possible new lighting.

After identifying the current fixtures and light poles, we analyze the current situation and compare it to the possibilities of new lighting. This includes looking at brightness, color temperature and light uniformity. Based on this analysis, we can provide sound advice for the optimal lighting of the sports field or grounds.


Step 3:

Schedule visit at the club so that options can be discussed in detail.

To discuss the features of the new lighting in detail, we are happy to schedule a visit at the club. In doing so, we can review the current situation on site with those involved and discuss what opportunities there are for improvement. Based on this, we can create a customized lighting plan.


Step 4:

Choosing better performance, safety, reliability and sustainability.

After analyzing the current situation and drafting the lighting plan, it is up to the club to choose the new lighting. This looks at various aspects such as lighting performance, safety, reliability and sustainability. We are happy to advise and support you in this, so that you can enjoy the optimal lighting of the sports field or grounds.


Vrijblijvend verlichtingsadvies

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