Golf lighting

Sports field lighting on your golf course must meet the standards set for lighting by the NOC/NSF and the Dutch Golf Federation (NGF). This is defined in NEN 12193.
Aerolux lights your golf course according to current standards and requirements.
Here, the average lux value to be achieved is important but just as important is the evenness on your golf course so that you do not get dark spots on your golf course.

The skill of Aerolux

With current energy prices, the power consumption of fixtures is also an important factor. With today’s more durable LED fixtures, you can recoup your investment. In consultation with you, the customer, we determine what is the most appropriate lighting solution for you. In doing so, we take into account the desired light level, your preferred operation and advise you on subsidy schemes. After the consultation you will receive a customized quote from us with a detailed lighting plan and extensive documentation.

With Aerolux as your lighting partner, you are guaranteed years of carefree, long-lasting fun.

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tailored advice

Lighting is an important aspect of golf courses because it allows players to play at night and also for safety. Good lighting is necessary for good visibility during play so that players can see where their ball is and navigate the course. A lighting plan can be custom designed to deliver the right amount of light to specific areas of the course, such as greens and fairways, to provide the best visual experience.